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my youtube channel with my bff chanel is called 'mothatruckas' , everyone check it out for funny jokes and foxy vids. ps. if anyone is wondering about the pic, the pic is in night vison cus its from our sex tape, ' a night in cameroon' no duh, everyone should have already seen in, and if u haven't its playing in theatres near you ;) lmao

Paris Hilton's new bff !!! only 3 remain

This weeks episode was one of my favs cus kathy griffin was on and we all kno how much i love her. and if we all don't kno how much i love her, then u should >:( jk lol. anyways so now there r 3 left for next weeks show, steven, tenicia, and whtever her name is, she is not important. the one who cries a lot.... o well. so who do u think will win ?? in my opinion tenicia will !

Diva to get children if anything happens to Katherine

diana ross
DivaDiana Ross is the peron Michael Jackson picks to keep his children if anything were to happen to his mother Katherine. In Michaels will it states that He picked Diana to be the next in line to have the children. Diana , 65, has not said anything yet publicly about the situation.

Sorry Girls, he's taken

kevin jonas
Kevin Jonas is now engaged! so i guess this means tht no one else has the chance to get him :( only 2 jonas left, so if you want one you better get on it ! haha. i may add tht i am actually surprised he is engaged, cus my gaydar told me he was gay, but i guess i was wrong on this one :P

So Michael isn't the father ? ...wht a shock :/

michaels kids
We learned today tht Michael Jackson is not really the father of his 3 young children. He is not even the adopted father of them. So who knows wht will happen to his children now tht he really had nothing to do with them biologically or legally. like WTF :P

Isle of MTV - Malta 2009

lady gaga
Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas , Metro Station and Esmee Denters are all preforming at the Isle of Mtv music even in Malta on July 8. They are playing in a free live concert for 50,000 people. The Isle of MTV takes place during Malta music week, a week that is dedicated to the fans.

Jacksons mother gets children...for now

katherine jackson
Katherine Jackson has now gotten custody of Michael Jacksons 3 children until August when they decide who has them for good. His parents believe that Michael died without a valid will...So umm, like wht does this mean, can't they just put the kids on the street ? jk lol, but seriously all the family wants is the estate and the money they don't care about him. And we know for a fact that at the BET Awards that Joe Jackson was putting a plug in for his new record label...ya he really cares :/

Bernie Madoff not going home any time soon

Bernie Madoff who pulled off a multi-billion dollar fraud scheme since the 1990's has finally been sentenced. The 71 year old has been sentenced to 150 years in prison. The amount of money he 'stole' from others was around US$13.2 billion.

Canada day celebrations will soon begin

Canada will soon be celebrating it's 142nd birthday tomorrow. And what do you get something tht is 142 years old, like i have been looking for something it might not have but i am guessing by 142 you have it all :P . Anyways i am sure there will be a lot of parties and fireworks for everyone to enjoy, but for me it is my sister's birthday so i will be celebrating tht instead lol.

Bon Jovi rocks magnetic hill

Bon Jovi played for over 33,000 fans saturday at Monctons 'Magnetic Hill'. Other big name bands are also coming to the maritimes this summer like AC/DC and Sir Paul Macartney. Macartney will play at the Halifax commons this summer. The AC/DC concert is expected to sell between 60,000 - 80,000 tickets for their moncton concert which is on Aug 6.

Introducing .......The Wides

My brother Ryan's new band is one of the newest bands to come out of Halifax. They call themselves 'The Wides' . Everyone should go check themout on myspace. Ryan is the vocals of the group and ya so i hope everyone likes the music but go see for yourself.

BET Awards dedicated to the king of pop

Janet Jackson and her father Joe jackson both made appearances last night at the BET Awards. Janet was emotional as she made a speech about her famous brother Michael. The awards were a tribute to the recently passed away icon, with celebs doing preformances dedicated to the pop star.

More celebs are passing away

This has been a very sad week for many people, Farrah Fawcette, Micheal Jackson, and now the king of infomercials has died , Billy Mays has died today at age 50 . He will be missed by many people and family, but mostly by the infomercial lovers like me :( , o well i guess, i don't think Mitty Putty is strong enough to fix this situation :s

Twitter is my new love...sorry Paris :P

Twitter me everyone !  i am now on twitter so everyone can know wht i am doing all the time ! won't that be fun :) haha but seriously tho, if you wanna follow me on twitter go ahead cus it will be pretty sweet,   ;)