So i am getting bored lately and umm ps everyone i am single and ready to mingle, so if u ever want to buy me chocolates or a diamond whtver is easier, you are willing to do so :P lmao, but seriously why can't there be any cool peeps around who are rich, have a nice bod, no children, and a lambourgini? lmao jk i don't need all of tht, or do i ?? :s


So last night i seen the secret life of bees, it was seriously one of the best movies i  have ever seen. pretty amazing. and wht else, this week on so you think u can dance ellen was a guest judge, and omg foxy bitches she was as hilarious as ever. i loves me some ellen ! haha


So yesterday at the kitchen table we were eating and well i didn't like the food, it was gross. so i wasn't going to eat very much of it and my dad said if i didn't eat it then i can't eat the rest of the night...where are we jail? anyways, so there were cupcakes tht were just made and i really wanted some so it was a hard decision to eat my meal or not eat...we all know i can goa while without eating :P lmao so i didn't care if i couldn't eat for the rest of the night, so ya i couldn't eat the meal i thought i was going to die lol. but all night i wanted to eat, i think i'm addicted :S. i was excited to have toast this morning , how sad, but really i was, i hadn't eaten for a while.Also last night my father was making fun of Michal Jackson who i love. well his music, not his other happenings. And my dad kept making fun of him and saying he molested kids, and u know wht, ya he did ok, but i still like his music. And i almost cried lmfao over michael, wow tht is pathetic i even know tht.:P and so ya me and em were trying to dance like Michael last night and as you can imagine...WE WERE AWESOME !!! jk, actually it wasn't anything like him. I just want people to rememeber tht Michael was a great preformer thts all really, he wasn't the best dad ..ex dangling a kid from a hotel balcony. And we wasn't the best friend for little boys...ex 2 cases of molesting.... but still he was a super preformer! haha, xoxo cam


Its summer now beotchessss, school is out and we don't have to go back til september which gives me lots of time to blog and talk about people, so watch out haters... This summer will be a huge one for me, or i hope so anyways. I get to drive in july, and i am having a sexy 16 party. Yes thts right, sexy 16. Sweet 16 are for debs, so i thought sexy was appropriate. I am still not sure what kind of party i want lol, i might have a hawaiian party lmao or something like tht. But idk yet so i guess i will think of tht later. ttyl everyone, ps you will know if you are invited to the party cus it is invite only, basically, but i guess really anyone can go if i know them lol, xoxo Cam


hey hot mamas, whats up? well i know you wanna know whats going down with me, because i am a huuuge frickin pornstar in england. im chillin with this celebrity-blogger right now, he goes by the name of bambi-cam. so yeah don't touch him if you know you can't handle it. so please lay your paws off me, and him( well whatever he is) and just go give ur teddie bear a hand tuggie. thanks, peace, love, war WHATEVER, hallahh


Holla biznatches... so today me and leah aka my bitch, went to town and we had an aventure, we started off at victoria park and then as me and leah were playing on the jungle jim there was a dad swinging on the swings with his children who tried to intice us to hang with him, but tht didn't seem safe sowe left, well we left after we gave him a 5 dollar hand tuggie, don't judge us, damn we had no money1 jk but anyways, so after tht we headed down town to get some coke, yes coke. so we headed to margolians and leah talked to one of her friends who i haven't met ever but yet he complimented me anyways, i think he wanted to bong me, cus i guess he had nothin nice to say to leah. so ater tht we went to some random stores even tho we had no money. so finally we went to  macquaries and as we were outside the store a homeless man came up to us and mumbled something and i assumed he wanted a helemt buckled so i did, but afterwards leah told me tht he wanted a piece of my chocolate bar. go to the home page to see our convo with the hobo


This is an OMG moment, i know this may seem sad tht i just saw Twilight last night but i did. Wow i was  missing out on something amazing, i loved it! I do have one comment thought, the only way they could make it better, is if i was in it. So maybe i will make a few calls with the connections i have and maybe, just maybe i will get a part in the next movie. I think i would be a good vampire or maybe i will be just some person who gets bit by a vampire, maybe edward cullen will bite me :s  , who knows lol. But now i am in love with the movie and i want to buy it but i have no money :(


Holla, so today was a day of first for me. it was the first time my friends saw my new hair, the first time i seen a teenage boy sing the blues clues song , and the first time a substitute teacher sang to us. wow so where do i start, ok my hair so i dyed and cut my hair, well i didn't personally cut it and dye it. so i didn't tell anyone about it so it was a surprise for them.  

So there is a kid in my math class today who out of nowhere was singing the blues clues theme song, or atleast tht is wht i think it was, and he was infront of the class and was kinda dancing to it. it was hilarious!

And finally the singing teacher, omf haha what to say... well he was original, i guess. wow umm it was the strangest singing i have ever heard. let me describe this teacher, he is of male species...i think, he is balding and wears glasses. so i had thought tht his voice was going to be a lot deeper considering he is not small really, but no! his voice was really soft and he was singing like opera and in a language i don't kno. unless it was in english and he was singing so soft i couldn't tell.

ttyl betches, xoxo


Hey to my heffer-juku bitches and hos. ok so my parents left me and my sister here in ns while they went to cuba for the like 4 or 5 year in a row, does this seem fair... no its not, so i hope they bring me back something to make up for not going on a trip, maybe they will bring me back a cuban. its possible...maybe :s , i could have a cuban maid or butler, i'm sure they will do anything for a few bucks, come on they make like 14 $ a month lol. but speaking of jobs, i need one. i have no money, any suggestions? here are my coices : hooker, drug dealer, pimp, discount plastic surgeon, or stealing candy from a baby, but who knows wht i will do. but i better go now , xoxo cam


hey sexy people, first post yay, so i am pretty happy with my site so far, i can't wait to put some videos on here. so you might be wondering why the name is bambi-cam, i know what you are thinking, it sounds like a porn site name, but don't worry you won't find any sex tapes of me on here, but for $13.99 + shipping and handelling you can get my  tape a night in cameroon. you know just hit me up and i'll send it to you. a night in cameroon was an accident i just want to put it out there, i am telling you 1 shot of apple juice and i am yours, and if you think apple juice is bad just wait til you have seen me with some v8 fusion, i go crazy. i am up on the tables dancing and grinding up poles, but i guess tht is just like any weekend for me. so ttyl fetch kids , xoxo cam